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FLEXITALY was born in Cassano d’Adda in 1986 as a company specialized in the production of braided fl exibles hoses for plumbing.
In more than 25 years, Flexitaly turned from a semi-craft reality into the industrial activity thanks to the recognized quality of its product and the
investment in machinery and automation for a constant improvement of the production cycle, the quality of the components, the speed of delivery
and the product safety and warranty.
Located on a comprising area of approximately 5000 sqm includes different departments with several machineries to complete the product cycle:
• Internal production of all the fi ttings, through an important turnery department equipped with 25 numerical control lathes with bar passage up to 1”1/4,
all italians and of the latest generation, able to work simultaneously on multiple stations ( carrying out different workings simultaneously in order to decrease
production times), on single bar ( producing one piece at a time ) or on double bar ( producing two pieces at a time ) then at high speed production and strong
results in accuracy.
• Internal production of molded articles through a department equipped with robotized work centers for the turning operations of molded products.
• Department of plastics injection with 6 served machineries for parts in nylon.
• Great high production capacity braiding department composed by 26 braiding-machines from 24 and 32 spindles, 3 automatic winding machines and 5 semi-automatic ones. The department is able to braid various types of materials including stainless steel AISI 304, nylon 6.6 , galvanized steel, aluminum,
• Department for the automatic production of fl exible hoses, equipped with
- 3 automatic fl exibles assembling machines for sanitaries, nylon fl exibles, giant fl exibles and washing-machine / dishwasher fl exibles with a production
capacity of over 30,000 pieces/day,
- Semi- automatic machines for the production of anti-vibration fl exibles
- Several automatic cut-machines
- 6 pressing machines for the production of brass shower fl exibles, nylon fl exibles, pvc and silicone fl exibles.
The company, now Leader in this fi eld, has always been focused on the quality of raw materials, of production cycles and of the fi nal product providing a service
that meets the demands of the market in terms of professionalism, production fl exibility, quality, reliability and speed of delivery and very high satisfaction level of
the different needs of its italian and international customers.
FLEXITALY is certifi ed as a quality management system concerning the designing and production of braided tubes and fl exibles fi ttings in compliance with EN
ISO 9001:2000 released from the German agency Tüv Thüringen.
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