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Realtà all’avanguardia nei settori aeronautico e industriale, UmbraGroup è leader mondiale nella realizzazione di viti a ricircolo di sfere nel settore aeronautico.
Il Gruppo conta quattro sedi:
- Umbra Cuscinetti S.p.A [Foligno, Italia]
- Centro di Ricerca Umbra Cuscinetti S.p.A. [Albanella, Italia]
- KUHN Präzisionsspindeln und Gewindetechnik GmbH [Freiberg Am Neckar, Germania]
- Umbra Cuscinetti Inc. [Everett, USA]
- Präzisionskugeln Eltmann GmbH [Eltmann, Germania]

UmbraGroup is the world leader in producing recirculating ball screws in the aeronautics sector. In addition, the Group has recently consolidated its position in the supply of products aimed at the energy market.
UmbraGroup was created from a joint venture between two companies, Gepi and Fag, and currently consists of four establishments:

- Umbra Cuscinetti S.p.A. (Foligno – Italia) and its Research Centre (Albanella – Italy)
- Kuhn Präzisionsspindeln und Gewindetechnik GmbH (Freiberg am Neckar – Germany)
- Präzisionkugeln Eltmann GmbH (Eltmann – Germany)
- Umbra Cuscinetti Inc.(Everett – USA)
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