Renew You Retreat with Power of 3

This RENEW YOU RETREAT is designed for you to put you first! When was the last time YOU took time to only focus on YOU and what YOU needed? When was the last time you MADE time for only you to fill up your cups and bucket?

As females we are taught to always place our happiness, wellbeing and self last, NO MORE!

During this 7 day RENEW YOU RETREAT I will teach you the tools to start living for YOU. I will give you the tools to place yourself FIRST. yOU WILL learn strength, forgivness, love, compassion and most of all SELF POWER AND SELF DISCOVERY!

Each day is designed with group wellness activities, private 1 on 1 time with me Jessica and time for self reflection. Each structured group was created to open up your mind, heart and soul and to get to the heart of what is holding you back from true happiness.

We only have 3 spots remaining on this Power of 3 Retreat! Please connect with Maureen ~ Our VIP TRAVEL GODDESS for all the details! You can reach her at 403-861-1485 ( She also will be at my Spiritual Wellness Woman's Show Oct 21st)

I am beyond excited to share this full week of healing and growing with you all! We are so blessed to grow with each other! This retreat also includes a 4 week follow up for success group with hands on support for you!
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