Club Salvador

Inspired by the decadent side shows of the last century, Club Salvador will treat you to a mix of burlesque, cabaret, danger shows, comedy and live music.

In the entourage from Tigre Blanco het Tijgersnest (finale), the Tarantino style nightclub from gypsy soul rock formation Tigre Blanco , Quintijn Lohman (what's in a name) and international burlesque Starlet Xarah von den Vielenregen present Club Salvador, a black box show in Parktheater Eindhoven.

Colorfull, surreal and artisitic. Salvador Dalí would be proud!

Friday June 1st Club Salvador is a combination with Saturday June 2nd Tigre Blanco | het Tijgersnest (finale).
Both shows are in the same decor and Black Box setting.

Regular ticket: € 19,50 / combi with
Tigre Blanco | het Tijgersnest (finale) € 30
VIP ticket € 25 / combi with
Tigre Blanco | het Tijgersnest (finale) € 45
Price excl. service costs

The Death Do Us Part Danger Show, Laure Colette Bronkart, Tronicat la Miez, Xarah Von Den Vielenregen, Eva Novakova, Twan van Gerven, Hertogin Victoria, Erwin Stakenburg, Jessica Achten, Quintijn Lohman

Burlesque Nederland Boudoir Noir Blue Moon Cabaret
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