Planet Paradigm: A One Day Festival Trip

Prepare yourselves for a one day festival trip to Planet Paradigm! VBX and Paradigm will team up for a new festival collaboration that will take you to outer space and beyond. We invite you to join us in our one-day micro-cosmos filled with a high-quality yet unconventional musical programming. It's time to show the world why VBX and Paradigm have been a magical combination from the start. Are you in?

Line-up > DAY

Stage X
> Maayan Nidam *live
> Francesco Del Garda
> DJ Masda
> Makcim
> Frank Haag
> Christoffer & Nicholas

Stage Y
> Efdemin (special house set)
> Tama Sumo
> Joe
> Philou Louzolo
> Samuel Deep
> Jim Lok
Stage Z
> stranger
> Rrose
> Kas:st *live
> Bleak
> Serena Butler
> Wulff Modern

Line-up > Night
> Ferro
> Amotik
> UlsT
More tba

Tickets are online via:

Artwork by: Menno Drontmann & Leonardo Miluccio
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