Clube da Esquina - Sunday Jazz

In the early 70's, a music collective from the outskirts of Brazil kickstarted what was to be one of the most important movements of Brazilian music.

Together with Tropicália, Clube da Esquina is regarded as the Brazilian musical movement that achieved the greatest international resonance in the post-bossa nova period.

Brazilian songstress Alda Rezende, together with guitarists Noel Clayton and Matias Ceballos, and drummer/percussionist Lance Phillip will present some of the fiercely original and idiosyncratic compositions of Clube da Esquina. Guitarist / Bassist Henrique Morales, one of the champions of Brazilian music in Aotearoa will do a participation.

This is Brazilian music from deep Brazil, as far from Bossa Nova as you can get. It has jazz in it, but it is not jazz. It has rock in it, but it is not rock. It has traces of an African Brazil that has nothing to do with samba. A pan-Latin sound that is being performed in New Zealand for the first time."

Presented by: Alda Rezende
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