Evergreen Private testing training 15/4/18

If you haven't already please get in contact with us at info@driftpark.co.nz to book in!

Below are the details on the rules and the schedule for the day:

7:30am Gates open
7:45am Scrutineering
8:45am Drivers Briefing
9:00am – 4.30pm Track time
5:00pm Gates Closed
Sessions cycle in 10min blocks at a minimum
Pricing: $170 pre-registered only - per driver
Passengers $10 per-person


No spectators
No static burnouts
All fluid from cars on the track have to be attended to before drifting continues
No initial grass bill but there will be penalty’s for excessive grass damage
No dumping of Rubbish or Tyres
Passengers are allowed only in cars cages with fixed bucket seats and harnesses
No Wof or Reg is required but a basic level of safety is expected of the vehicle
No skids/burnouts in the pit or on pit lane Media is allowed if previously discussed with the track
All on track Media will have to be cleared by the track and they MUST have a high vis at all times and will be advised on where they can and cannot be
No standing on the wall
No standing on the dirt banks
All drivers must use plywood for jacking and axel stands, Damage to the pit area will be billed to the event organiser
No Drift battles are allowed unless prior agreement between drivers
No Drugs / Alcohol to be present or consumed at the track
All passengers must have closed shoes and basic overalls
No reverse running of the track
No Roll cage required, however, a roll cage is required if you are taking passengers
No semi-slicks on the rear of any car driving on the track
All guards must be on the vehicle

If you have any concerns feel free to contact us prior to committing to the day.

Safety wear includes:

Helmet, minimum of basic overalls, gloves, covered in shoes

Minimum car inspection will include:

Seats fixed properly, seat belt checks, tow hooks, no oil/fluid leaks, secure battery mounts, no loose objects in the car, secured panels, cars must have tail lights / working brake lights.

Conditions: Please note the booked dates are not transferable. All entrants are strictly supervised throughout the day. The Evergreen Drift Park reserve the right to refuse or revoke any entrant at anytime.
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