Leadership Bespoke Course

Our courses don't talk in hypotheticals, only real data.

Strategic Self Awareness can also design and deliver courses that meet the needs of the organisation or specific individuals.

We can choose from the suite of tools

- Benchmark 360 feedback from your workplace
- Hogan Personality Assessments
- Resilience tools
- Self-and-peer cohort feedback
- Workplace strategies to suit a team’s development.
- Activities (rafting, caving, high ropes/tree canopy tours etc.) to meet the development goals desired.
With corporate or public sector demands of your organisation we can deliver courses utilising a range of locations and activities to best suit your needs. We can design a course from one day through to ten days. Just get in contact and we will go from there.

Self Awareness Leadership Development Activities (SALDA's) weave adventure and contemporary leadership assessments together in order to create meaningful interactions so individuals can receive professional feedback to truly understand their reputation. This process is world class, and is our niche market.

Here are the key components of our unique courses that help to create a lasting impact -
i. Risks - which expose how participants make decisions / interact / conduct tasks and deal with stress in real time
ii. Complex Environments - which are unfamiliar and challenging and pose real consequences for decisions made, and
iii. Maximise Interactions - through which participants receive information on how they relate to others whilst completing challenging and everyday tasks.

These key ingredients combined together in specific environments make our SALDA's a powerful tool. Leaders will truly understand their leadership impacts on the organisation after completing a course.

Dates and days of the week can be adjusted to suit your organisations requirements.
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