2019 Mission Trip to Chimbote, Peru

This Chimbote Mission trip is designed for adults (18+), especially young adults and collegians. Older adults are welcome, but all must be in good health as the travel will be aggressive. As compared to other mission trips that the Diocese of Pittsburgh has offered to Chimbote recently, this one is contained within one week and two weekends, departing on Friday night and returning on Sunday morning in March, 2018. It coincides with several of our local college’s Spring Breaks, but obviously not all. The trip includes a day of acclamation and rest in Chimbote, three days of experience and mission work at the Maternidad and home visits to the barrios of Chimbote, a visit to Manchu Picchu, staying overnight in the high altitude city of Cusco, Peru, and perhaps a brief tour in Lima, Peru to see the homes of St. Rose of Lima and St. Martin de Porres. During the trip, we will have Mass every day except possibly one or two of the travel days with Father Kevin Poecking or a local priest in Peru. Fundraising for the trip will consist in personal letter writing and one event for the group’s translator expenses. Tentative deadline to deposit $100 by mid-September.
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