3 days Practical Personal-Development - Life Coaching course

Carl Jung, the great psychoanalyst once said, unless we make the unconscious conscious, it will continue to direct our lives and we will say it is fate. The aim of our Personal-Development course is to put individuals in touch with their inner self so that they may live their life on their own terms. An individual can do it himself, but how many people actually can find their true selves? If they manage to do it, it might take years of discipline, introspection and meditation.

We have collected centuries of knowledge and information into an easy to understand 3 days course. We seek to give individuals powers over their own self, which will help them, come out on top, both in their professional and personal lives. The Personal-Development Course is precise in the content that it delivers and will help people liberate them from mental clutter and make new choices. Each of the 3 days in the program delivers practical and creative exercises to sharpen the mind and accelerate understanding and capacity.
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