9 days Practical International Accredited Life Coaching Course

As more people begin depending on professionals to help them steer through important life decisions, Life Coaching as a career is becoming more lucrative. Unlike psychotherapy or counseling, Life Coaching deals with helping functional people achieve greater successes by adopting discipline, free will and positive thinking. These new traits are normally adopted with the support and guidance of a Life Coach. You can become one too with a short training course. Simply defined, Life Coaching is the art and science of achieving and living a fulfilled life with positivity and life-affirming values. In practice, Life Coaching is a profession that helps other people to achieve personal and professional goals by making changes in them. From a non-professional hobby to a globally recognized skill, Life Coaching poses a number of career opportunities that span across all industries.

At Let's-Live Coaching, you can enjoy a rewarding career as a Life Coach after a 2, 3 and 9-days training course. The range of skill development subjects in the Life Coaching course include a combination of quantum physics, modern science, NLP, Hypnoses and applied psychology. Through personal well being, Let's-Live Coaching delivers on performance and introduces its participants to potential influence and power of a Life Coach. After the training is complete, you will be skilled enough to deal with all types of clientele and benefit from the global marketing and support endeavors provided by Let's-Live Coaching.
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