Going Deeper into Awakening S.A. Retreat with John Homewood


Raising their awareness of the Power of Presence in healing not only our own life, but also our loved ones and the world as a whole, through the quantum effects of our-heart/mind energy which has the power to shift the Field. As we shift so does the world around us.

Gaining practicle tools for using the Power of Presence to disolve blockages allowing life to flow with joyous abundance.

Taking Responsibility (ability to respond with consciousness) for our feelings in our life as it unfolds, and letting go of blame, guilt, grief and anger, and replacing it with acceptance, which leads to peace and love..

"Amazingly gentle and yet powerful! Bless you and thank you." - James Fourie November 2016

"The best workshop I have ever been on." - Rosemary Turner April 2017

"I have three words 'Wow, Wow, Wow'. I feel empowered, enlightened and liberated." - Vanessa Samuel - April 2017
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