Going Deeper into Awakening Shift Retreat with John Homewood

Who are you?
What do you really want?
What is your life's purpose?
During this retreat you will be gently guided through uncovering the answers to these three most profound questions.
The result? The stripping away lays and layers of mind, leaving you well on the path to enlightenment.

Drawing on the wisdom of the ancient Mayan civilization, the Native American Hopi, Eckhart Tolle and teachings from A Course in Miracles, these powerful workshops provide insights and tools for personal transformation in these challenging times.

'Hi John, I attended your Shift Experience in January 2012– and it had a massive impact on my life:
I stopped searching and started living!... With warm regards Snowy Krüger

"John, Thank you...... Thank you,,
You have succeeded in shedding a beautiful white light on me....
I now experience a depth inside myself that was previously unknown to me...
This depth permeates through me, to the people that consult with me...
I can only use the word ....... Love.... to explain this.
This stillness is inspiring and beautifully addictive " I will not go back to sleep "
In love and Light
Gerhard B." - Pretoria

During the AWAKENING workshop, you will be gently guided through :
The Power of Forgiveness, The Power of Acceptance, The Power of Surrender, The Power of Allowing, Presence Meditations, The Path to Healing (including the powerful yet simple Hawaiian healing process known as Ho’oponopono), Dealing with Grief, Presence Practices, True Life Purpose, Finding Peace, What is Love?, What is God?, Who are You? Why are you Here?

For more details contact: cathy@finchtech.co.za
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