M&G Workplace Social Media Risks Workshop

In today’s digital age, various social media platforms can be used to express oneself, promote, engage with the public, shareholders and customers. Whilst there are many benefits, it is not as straightforward as one thinks. Businesses are still grappling and increasingly faced with their pressing responsibility in the social media presence.

Careless use of social media has been in the forefront of the news on a frequent basis, damaging the reputation of the business and may even cause disruption. Every employer's worst nightmare is when they read about a scandal emanating from their brand, as a result of an inappropriate, insensitive, racist rant or defamatory comment posted by a disgruntled employee on social media. More common occurrences may be where distasteful videos, inaccurate facts are posted about the brand and business or where a message that was meant to be private is posted publicly.

1. What are the social media risks in the workplace and legal implications?
2.How far is too far for employees to misuse the social media?
3. Does an employee have the right to report business wrong doings on social media?
4. What actions can an organisation take as a result of the social media backlash or disruption to the business and reputation?
5. Can an employee be dismissed in the event that derogatory comment or defamation is made on social media in respect of the workplace?
6. Is the constitutional right to freedom of expression limited by the Constitution?
7. What about the rights to privacy, equality, religion and dignity?
8. Can employer access and intercept employee’s posts?

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