Problem Solving and Decision Making Course

Unit Standard Aligned | Accredited

This skills programme provides the learner with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to successfully implement management policies, systems and structural solutions within a generally applicable framework of norms and standards to improve service delivery.

Course At A Glance

Learning Unit 1: Locating Problems within a Wider Public Sector Context
Learning Unit 2: Problem Solving as a Process
Learning Unit 3: Levels of Authority and Protocols Relating to the Resolution of Problems
Learning Unit 4: Decision Making to Contribute towards Overall Public Sector Objectives
Learning Unit 5: The Principles of Risk Management as Applied to Problem Analysis and Decision Making

Who Should Attend

This skills programme is designed for the public sector and is aimed at: • officials involved in service delivery functions within the public sector, including functions related to communities or other stakeholders; and
• individuals who work in the public sector.
How You Will Benefit

The benefits of this skills programme include:
• the ability to identify, analyse, solve and manage problems within the workplace; and
• the ability to contribute to the improvement of service delivery through the cultivation of effective administration and management skills.

Two day contact session combined with practical workplace experience.

R 3990 per person
Venue, Facilitation, Refreshments, Lunch, Learning Material, Assessment and Certification included

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