A Woman's World

NO DATE YET. Someday we will plan it :)

Hello Burners. Interested in co-creating an event?

Seeing a lot of debates online where women’s words are put down or told to be not important for that space. Made me wish there was a dedicated space to not be guarded or prepared. A place for me as a woman to be completely relevant. Would you women/men/non-binary people be interested in co-creating a burner event themed A Woman’s World? An event with female perspective everywhere. Focus on her world, her story, her scars, her healing, her pleasure. For example there could be:
- spaces for people to sit in a circle and women to tell whatever life stories they have. For Space.
- spaces where we role play, re-creating bad experiences but turning them into good ones. For Healing.
- spaces for erotica orchestrated by women or with exploration of the woman.
- dance ceremony where women are celebrated to express whatever they feel but are not to be touched.
- space for talking about meaning of life and how to execute on that.
- story circle where we speak about what women have done that inspired us.

PS. INCLUSIVE event. This is for everyone that wants to support women in their perspective. Just like we could support the environment, or whatever need that needs focus. Connection potiential! :D
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