Raw Vegan (un)Cooking Course

Welcome to this new course where you will learn and enjoy many raw vegan dishes, preparing together surprisingly delicious and yet simple recipes!

Eating raw food ensures that you get your vitamins, minerals and enzymes in their original form and being undestroyed by heat of cooking. Eating food that is still alive increases your force of life.

A learning opportunity and an inspiration for:
1- discovering a new style in making food that is unique and outstanding.
2- combining spices and herbs in different ways, creating many new flavours.
3- becoming healthier while still eating surprisingly delicious food.
4- getting maximum nutrition through your food where vitamins, minerals and enzymes have been maintained without being destroyed
5- cleansing your body by eating raw. 6- feeling energized, happy and high after each meal!

This course is led by Shantimaya; who has vast imagination for constantly creating new recipes and flavors. Shantimaya is the author of one wonderful vegetarian cooking book: ''Kitchen of Love'' (www.kitchenoflove.org) and now he is writing his new raw vegan recipes book ''Kitchen of Life''. He is also a homeopath (www.homeopathy.se) and a yoga and meditation teacher (www.yogameditationstockholm.se)

All prepared dishes will be served and enjoyed over the session! So come with an empty stomach and bring your best appetite!

Price: 650 kr (purchased online)

Limited space! Booking in advance is required!

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