Lviv Go Meetup March

Hello, everyone!

We are glad to announce next Golang Meetup in L'viv on 24 March 2018.
The event will come in useful for both experienced engineers working with Golang and the ones only discovering learning opportunities and benefits.

When and where: SoftServe, Sadova Street, 2a, Lviv.
March 24, starting at 12:00 AM till 17:00 PM.

Borys Hulii
????Own cryptocurrency on Hyperledger with Go
We will talk a little about Hyperledger project, its main goals and will create simple cryptocurrency using Hyperledger Fabric framework.

Nastya Kruglikova
????Magic of Reflection
Reflection is a powerful tool that can enable some beautiful functionality, but the downside is that it isn’t particularly efficent and a misuse of the standard reflection library almost always results in a panic. We will talk about reflect in Golang and how and when it should be used.

Bogdan Prodan
????The State of Go
- Overview results of survey 2017
- Go 1.10
- Tools - Runtime
- Performance
- Changes to the core library

Ivan Kutuzov
????How we built Go competence
This is a story about our experience of building Golang competence inside one big vendor company. It will be helpful for those who looking a way of switching to Golang. We face often with two major questions:
* Which arguments to use for approving that technology will work for the project?
* How to become a good specialist in that technology?
Here no silver bullet, I’ll cover several useful thoughts with examples about this topic but all conclusions you will make on your own.

Denys Goldiner
????Go toolset
Golang is an opensource oriented language. As result it's community is an important part of huge team, making their contribution into language improvements.
In cooperation with golang core team community have built a set of handy and useful tools, to improve quality of code and to make developers' life easier. We will discuss how exactly can it be used.

We are looking for speakers. Please, contact @Ivan Kutuzov with your proposal ????

Ticket price: 99 uah

Registration required:
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