5 Week block Of Story Massage, Rhythm & Rhyme

????5 week block of Story Massage, Rhythm and Rhymes .

Ideal as an introduction to massage or as a follow on from our Baby Massage and Yoga classes.

Each week will have a different theme, we will massage, sing and encourage movement ????

Story massage is a wonderful way to have fun and positive interaction with your little one. It helps physical, emotional and social development. It's a fun and creative activity with the added benefit of allowing a parent to connect and relax with their child through the medium of story telling, singing and loving touch.

The massage is done fully clothed and only on the back, chest, neck, head, arms and hands. There is no oil used.

Once you have learned the core story massage strokes you will use these valuable routines time and time again.

Children response very positively to any form of positive touch such as massage. Research (taken from The Touch Institute, Miami) has proven that children who learn healthy views of touch and are provided with tactile experience by a parent or carers are more likely to grow up with a healthy self image, a sense of appropriate boundaries and long lasting intimate relationships.

Class dates will be November 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st.

Please get in touch for further information or to book your place. ????
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