Aerial Hoop Intermediate Instructor Training Course

Course Name: Spin City Intermediate Aerial Hoop Instructor
Number of Training Hours: 16
Cost of Course: £345 (payment due on booking)

The Spin City Intermediate Aerial Hoop Instructor Course focuses on developing the basic skills taught at the Beginners Level while adding on the next block of over 40 core moves in the Spin City syllabus. At this point in your instructor training, we start increasing your knowledge of core concepts such as training lifting, execution and clean movement. We will then expand your instructional toolbox, giving you a range of teaching methods that work effectively when students are at height and inverted. We will discuss class planning in the context of progress chains and how you can use combinations and sequences to both challenge your students, avoid them hitting move plateaus and also ensure safe progression to an advanced level.

This course is highly physical in nature as this is the point where we will cover how to introduce dynamic movement to your students through our five stage plan preparing students for the advanced syllabus. This leads us to an in-depth discussion on static and dynamic spotting techniques, which are paramount at an intermediate level. You can expect to leave this course with a wealth of new moves, skills and techniques to reinvigorate your aerial hoop classes allowing you to take your students to the next level.

Pre-Requisites: The Spin City Beginners Aerial Hoop Instructor Training or an equivalent certification. Min two years Aerial Hoop experience recommended. Experience and a teaching qualification in another relevant field may also be accepted.

Pre-Course Tasks: Please note you will be required to read the theory section of this course and complete the related tasks prior to attending. All course documentation will be posted to you within 7 days of booking.

Assessment: This course has a two part assessment; Stage 1, perform 80% of the Intermediate Course Moves with safe and correct technique (day 1 of the training course). Stage 2, teach an hour long intermediate class on day 2 of the training course.
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