ALL DAY Latin Party For Charity so come and join the fiesta


A day to party Latin Nights Harrogate style so come and join in the fun and help raise money for this local charity.
We are raising money for Fighting Eprndymoma the Chris Bramhall children brain tumour research charity. This particular brain tumour is so called because it arises from the ependy cells that line the central net system. It is an uncommon cancer that still effects 100's of children every year world wide. Parents often have to face risky surgery and gruelling courses of radiotherapy and chemotherapy in a bid to try and beat the disease. If the tumour recurs is often the case of no definitive treatment.

We have music from salsa,, bachata,,kizomba,, and latin music with some party line ups.

These nights are tailered to be fun and open to none dancers as well as the serious dancer..
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