Bastock's Birthday Bonanza Comedy Chaos Funsplosion

Join Louise Bastock and friend's as we celebrate ME turning 16 at last with some comedy, cocktails (read: shots) and classy conversation (read: Louise inevitably getting into a fight).

There will be shorts sets by a shit-tonne of fabulous comedians as well as games and drinks and also drinks.


Helen Bauer
Liz Guterbock
Jamie Allerton
Richard Spalding
Guy Woodhouse
Imogen Edmndsn
Gary Graham Knightley
Kathryn Mather Eva Bindeman
Ben Kavanagh
Chris Cooke
Joseph Parsons
Joseph Emslie
Amy Mason
Alice-India Garwood
Ashley Gorman
David Anthony
Laurence Hebberd
Rebecca How

(Jesus that's a lot of people, what have I done!)

I've got a day off the next day so if anyone wants to see what happens when I drink a crate of prosecco, let's boogie!
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