Beginner Gel Polish with Missu®

With the beautiful Missu® Gel Polish system we will guide you through everything you need to know to start offering beautiful, durable and long lasting gel polish services to your clients.

Cost: £195 including kit & manual
Duration: 1 Day (10am - 4pm)
Certification: Accredited with ABT
Prerequisites: Manicure
Model Requirements: Afternoon
Assessment: Practical critique & Written Assessment

In this course you will cover: Health and Safety
Chemistry of UV cured nail coatings
UV LED Lamps
Anatomy of the feet, hands and nail unit
Nail diseases and service contraindications
Client consultation techniques and client aftercare
Applying colour gel polish to the natural nail
French polishing techniques with gel polish
How to apply a gel strengthener to clients with weak nails
How to safely remove gel polish
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