Blowout Presents - Last Hyena + Support | The Crofters Rights

Blowout Presents

Last Hyena - Bristol Post Math-Rock 3 Piece who's heavy use of effects makes for impressive and dynamically versatile atmospheric music.

a-tota-so - Experimental Math 3 Piece from Nottingham combining an array of Math / Post Rock influences making for impressive and captivating compositions.

The Decoy - Newport Math / Alt Rock 3 Piece who blend challenging and angular riffs with melodic and catchy vocals and choruses to make one of the most unique outfits to come out of South Wales

Madilan - A 4 Piece Electronic, Experimental rock band from Bristol. Known for their high energy live performances, they blend heavily effected vocals, frenetic groove based drumming, synths and dissonant atmospheric guitars.

Iran Iran - A 3 Piece who label themselves as the creators of Aggressive-Math-Pop, diligently providing aural irregularities via a spectrum of frequencies and time signatures.

April 16th 2018
The Crofters Rights, Bristol
Doors 7pm
£5 Entry
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