Body Positive Pilates Workshop

Body Positive Pilates Workshop

Body Positive Pilates by Lenna Rose is a form of mindful exercise to help you get to know your body better.

Pilates is a mindful form of exercise at its very core. It aims to improve the mind-body link, improve awareness of how the body moves and helps the individual to connect with the breath. Using mindfulness exercises coupled with periods of higher intensity exercise, the Body Positive Pilates workshop will leave you feeling both relaxed and re-energised.

This workshop uses traditional mat Pilates exercises with varying difficulty levels according to your ability on the day. The exercises will provide a full body workout and there will be both higher and lower intensity periods of exercise in order to help you connect to your body and also improve your fitness. All ability levels are welcome!

Many people come to exercise classes as a way of improving perceived imperfections, counteracting negative actions such as overeating or because of feelings of frustration about how they feel or how their body is moving. Body Positive Pilates uses mindfulness strategies to help you reconnect with your body and appreciate it for what it can do for you. Taking some time to get to know your body and improve your body awareness can help to foster positive feelings and improve self-confidence. As ever with Pilates we still look to improve the areas that we need to but the focus of this is long-term health and good posture and never self-punishment.

Body Positive Pilates is particularly aimed at those who feel that they are often in battle with their body; those feeling frustrated with how their body looks or feels; those who struggle to find moments of peace, relaxation and self-love. This one and a half hour workshop will allow you to take time for self-care and compassion.

Disclaimer: this workshop does not take the place of medical and therapeutic intervention for those who are struggling with serious mental health or physical health issues.
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