Darker Days 2018

We at Lilith Promotions are proud to welcome back Darker Days Festival. After the success of 2017, we have already lined up a fantastic list of bands for Darker Days 2018.
Check out these fantastic Gothic and Rock bands, who will be playing The Musician in Leicester on March 24th/25th, below:

Orpheum: - https://youtu.be/5gV-_LanwcA
Last Dusk: - https://youtu.be/hxq8CEtg4hA
Evyltyde: - https://youtu.be/HYJ3Iuxd0HE
Siberia:- https://youtu.be/5ibON9DHN30
Sertraline: - https://youtu.be/uq_AN685Xk0
The River Chickens :- https://youtu.be/h9wYCCL3I-4
The Glass House Museum: - https://youtu.be/71SKlL839UI Kroh:- https://youtu.be/gYLvHoMnI0s
The Faces of Sarah:- https://youtu.be/AV-iIpbuavE
Serpentyne:- https://youtu.be/aD7GS_x-6OQ
Red Sun Revival:- https://youtu.be/EuOpZ1hIptY
The Last Cry:- https://youtu.be/GeW7EXxoKZY

We hope to see you all there :)
Tickets now on sale
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