Energy Generation from Solar - NEW!

This week-long deep-dive in to solar energy generation is part of CAT’s new degree course.
Sustainability in Energy Provision and Demand Management.

Your highly experienced tutors will give you an in-depth understanding of the technological, environmental and social benefits and limitations of solar power generation.

You’ll also form a critical appreciation of the function, technological aspects, resource potential, limitations, maintenance needs, associated carbon emissions and environmental impacts of solar power technologies.

Lecture topics include:

• Principles and practice of solar energy generation;
• Solar resource - availability and limitations, both in the UK and internationally;
• Principles of photovoltaic modelling;
• Policy and economics issues, planning, social and legislative aspects of energy provision from solar;
• Solar thermal technologies for providing heat and power generation;
• Including combined heat and power, biomass, heat pumps solar thermal and district heating.

By the end of the week you’ll be able to systematically analyse solar energy resource availability in relation to demand trends, and to critically appraise using these sources of energy locally or at distance through grid or storage networks.

Your experienced tutors will introduce you to the wider community of Masters students working in the field of sustainability which could open up a world of networking opportunities.
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