Femi-night 2018

???? Presenting “Femi-night 2018!”

Tickets: £5 only!

A portion of the ticket sales will go to Women Aid’s Organisation (WAO) in Malaysia.

An inclusive chill night for ‘social justice warriors’ and literally ANYONE AND EVERYONE to chill and learn something new bout feminism in Malaysia.

- A "femi-quiz"

- An open discussion called "More than coffee-shop Talk" with prominent speakers such as Dr. Lyana Khairuddin, Izza Izelan and Niki Cheong. (more info on them on the discussion tab)

- An Open Mic ???? and an Art ???? Exhibition throughout the night.

The best part is that, the event is ‘for’ you and also ‘by’ you.
The ‘femi-seni-st’ slot for the Open Mic and Art exhibition is open for all! More info on a separate poster!

Seats are limited so hurry up and get one today!
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