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Itinerary: Master the Galapagos
Dates: 31st July - 12th August 2020
Aboard: M/V Galapagos Master

The Vessel...
The 32 metre M/V Galapagos Master was fully refurbished in 2015 ready for her maiden voyage in the Galapagos. She features eight air-conditioned cabins spread across three decks with each cabin offering stunning views of the Galapagos archipelago. Each cabin has its own private en-suite bathroom with hot water, in-cabin entertainment and ample storage room for all of your personal belongings. Divers can enjoy a tantalising array of mouth-watering meals and onboard lounge with fitted plasma TV screens as well as an indoor camera set-up station including multiple charging points.

The Itinerary...
The name of this fantastic itinerary says it all! The 'Master the Galapagos' itinerary takes you to some of the best sites in the Galapagos Archipelago. Your underwater adventures will encompass everything from whales to nudibranchs and more! The islands are best known for amazing shark diving. You will generally have a chance to encounter silky sharks, the famous Galapagos shark and an abundance of schooling hammerheads. Macro-lovers will enjoy the array of seahorses, blennies, hawk fishes and many others.

Itinerary Highlights...
San Cristobal Island
After boarding at San Cristobal, the Galapagos Master cruises to Isla Lobos for your check out dive. The sheltered bay provides an excellent shallow spot, at a max depth of 9m (30ft), in which to check your dive gear but also become acquainted with some of the local marine life. Sea lions playfully interact with divers, whilst sightings of turtles and rays are also common. Marine iguanas may be spotted too. Wolf Island
Named after the German geologist, Theodor Wolf, this extinct volcano reaches 253m (780ft) above sea level and lies some 160km (100 miles) northwest of Isabela Island. Land visits are not permitted however bird life, including red-footed boobys and vampire finch, may be spotted from the boat.
For our dives here we choose from a selection of reefs and walls, most having typically medium to strong currents where the use of gloves and reef hooks is advised. Schooling pelagics are the main draw with sightings of hammerheads, white tips and Galapagos sharks at each site. During the season (May - November) whale sharks may also be seen here. Divers should also be on the lookout for red-lipped batfish, barracudas, moray eels and dolphins!
Darwin Island
This extinct volcano reaching 165m (490ft) above sea level was named in honour of naturalist Charles Darwin. It is amongst the smallest island within the Galapagos Archipelago and like Wolf Island, no land visits are permitted.
Perhaps the most famed dive site is "Darwin's Arch" which provides an amazing drift dive along the wall at an average depth of just 9m. Medium to strong currents are to be expected but bring with them hammerheads, black tips, silky and Galapagos sharks - and in large numbers! Schools of jacks are a common sight, along with turtles, angelfish and moray eels. Occasional sightings of tiger sharks, manta rays and bottle nose dolphins make for a thrilling time spent here. Whale sharks may also be seen between May - November.
Santiago Island
One of the most photographically productive dives of the region, Cousin's Rock is formed of coral covered rock and lava flow. Sea fans, hydroid bushes, red sponges and small hard corals encrust ledges and overhangs, sheltering hawkfish, nudibranchs, frogfish and seahorses. Plenty of larger visitors are also seen including giant manta and mobula rays, spotted eagle rays and hammerhead sharks. The wall drops beyond 30m (100ft) but rises up shallow to just 3m (10ft) providing an ideal spot to end your dive playing with the sea lions.
All dive sites are subject to weather conditions and cannot be guaranteed.
£7759 per person
+ £100 supp for upper cabin
+ Park Fees $100, Hyperbaric Fees $35, Ingala Transfer Card $20
Includes: Return International flights MAN-GYE, B&B accommodation in Guayaquil between flights, Return domestic flights GYE-SCY, all transfers, 10 nights full board accommodation in a shared cabin on the vessel (other cabin types are available but a supplement may apply), tea, fresh coffee from our espresso machine, fruit juice & soft drinks, up to 30 dives (weather permitting), 12lt cylinder, weights.

Contact David at Club Sub on 01782 304777 or email or for more information or to book on this trip of a lifetime to Galapagos!
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