Generative Coaching. Robert Dilts & Stephen Gilligan. Module 1

NLP School and PPD Learning are proud to present for only the second time in the UK this accredited full-length program in this radical coaching method, created by two of the most dynamic figures in contemporary Coaching and NLP, Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan.

This 15-day course is spread out over four bi-monthly modules to ensure optimum learning (03/11/2018 to 21/05/2019) and will be taught and certified by Robert and Stephen themselves.

If you are a coach or related professional seeking to turbocharge your skills, or NLP qualified eager to place yourself at the cutting edge of the discipline, this is the course for you. Book now at the early bird price through our website or contact us directly at

Book before August 31st at the super early bird price of £2750.00 plus VAT.

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