HeartSpeak - 3 Courses - Oxford, UK

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Learn HeartSpeak from the Innovator - Dr Anne Jensen!!

For anyone interested in this new discipline of emotional healing, regardless if you are already a practitioner, or if you are just interested in learning how to manage your emotions and stress - HeartSpeak is for you!

Or if you are just starting out, perhaps you would like to start with only the course in Muscle Response Testing. When you complete this course, you will have a good insight into this powerful tool.

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You can book in for 1 course only or all 3 courses...

Course 1 : Muscle Response Testing (3 hours)

Prerequisites – None

Muscle Response Testing (aka kinesiology) is a power assessment tool which anyone can learn. In the past, it's been looked upon with uncertainty and even scepticism – and as a result, was often thought of as unreliable and non-objective. For her DPhil (PhD) at the University of Oxford, Dr Anne Jensen has researched fundamental concepts of muscle response testing, and has found that it can indeed be accurate and reliable. In this workshop, she will share the important findings of her research and teach basic muscle response testing procedures – so that you can reliably apply it in your life.

Friday 6pm – 9pm

- Important findings from Dr Jensen's research on muscle response testing
- Principles of valid muscle response testing
- Basic muscle response testing procedures
- What to test for... and what NOT to...
- How to get accurate and reliable results
- Plenty of practical, hands-on workshops

BOOK HERE: http://bit.ly/HeartSpeakOxford3CoursesNov2017

Course 2 : HeartSpeak Level 1 (1-day)

Suggested Prerequisite – Muscle Response Testing (Friday evening - see above) or prior training in muscle testing

HeartSpeak is a powerful new stress-reduction process which allows unresolved emotional conflicts to become resolved - finally. Stress can cause all kinds of symptoms - from physical symptoms (like bodily pain, headaches, and rashes) to emotional symptoms (like depression and anxiety) to behavioural symptoms (like procrastination and self-sabotage). During this course, you will learn effective step-by-step ways to feel better fast. It's a very personal and private experience – and after a HeartSpeak session, you will feel lighter, freer and happier! It may be just what you're looking for.

Saturday 9am-6pm

- Embrace your Feeling Mind
- Practice feeling - truly and fully
- What stress is and how it impacts your mindbody
- The HeartSpeak Process – step-by-step
- How to apply HeartSpeak in your life
- How to run HeartSpeak on others - How to run HeartSpeak on yourself
- Plenty of practical, hands-on workshops
- Master HeartSpeak – manage stress and emotions

BOOK HERE: http://bit.ly/HeartSpeakOxford3CoursesNov2017

Course 3 : HeartSpeak Level 2 (1-day)

HeartSpeak Level 2 is where the magic happens – your magic! Once you have grasped the HeartSpeak basics (in Level 1), you will be shown how to make HeartSpeak your own. In Level 2, you will follow the same basic HeartSpeak process but you will learn to individualise it at strategic points. Included is plenty of workshop time so that your skills can be honed, enabling you to practice your art with confidence.

NOTE: HeartSpeak Level 2 is a prerequisite for the HeartSpeak Level 1 Instructors course.

Prerequisite: HeartSpeak Level 1

Sunday 9am-5pm

- Learn more about the Feeling Mind
- More Categories of Feelings & more Feelings
- Ways to enhance Clearing & Pivoting
- The HeartSpeak Process – step-by-step
- More applications of HeartSpeak
- Plenty of practical, hands-on workshops
- Learn how to make HeartSpeak your own

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1. Muscle Response Testing ONLY – US$ 49 (± £ 39)

2. HeartSpeak Level 1 ONLY – US$ 269 (± £ 215)

3. HeartSpeak Level 2 ONLY – US$ 269 (± £ 215)

4. HeartSpeak Level 1 & Muscle Response Testing – US$ 299 (± £ 240)

5. HeartSpeak Level 1 & HeartSpeak Level 2 – US$ 459 (± £ 368)

6. "I WANT IT ALL": MRT, HS1 & HS2 – US$ 499 (± £ 400)

BOOK HERE: http://bit.ly/HeartSpeakOxford3CoursesNov2017

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