Little Comets + Mattie Vant at The Fleece, Bristol

With the last coughs of autumn jerking from the trees in leafy
spasms, Little Comets are delighted to let you bypass winter by
announcing a Spring 2018 UK Tour, alongside a brand new EP.

Coming just over a year after the self-release of fourth album
Worhead, sell-out headline shows and an arena tour supporting
Catfish and the Bottlemen, Little Comets remain determined to
encapsulate the depth of societal woe using a mix of clattering
syllables, innocent melody and sweetly drummed thrust.
Since meeting under a metaphorical waterfall in Byker during the
frosty Northern winter of 2009; Michael, Matthew and Robert have retained friendship and a shared sense of purpose ever since.

Now backed at home by six littler comets, Little Comets reject the principles of legacy, hegemony and generative music.
As independent as the sun, the punk is in the detail.

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