Passionate Living weekend with Malcolm Stern

Reawaken your appetite for the richness of life with Malcolm. Learning to ignite and embrace your passionate self by using a blend of psychotherapy, sensual techniques, dance, small group exercises, laughter and communication,

Call 01983 867644 or book online at

Malcolm will create an enviroment of trust, integrity and dignity, where you can develop, share and learn to access your truth.

Somehow as adults we have learned to shut down and avoid our pain and struggle. Unfortunately and unknowingly, we also close down our passion and joy.

Malcolm will encourage you to become young and free like a child again, remembering what it was once like to marvel at the world around you, longing to be grown up and able to taste many gifts in life.

Grange weekends begin with arrival anytime from 4pm on Friday. Dinner, if requested, is at 7.30pm followed by an introduction to the course and your weekend.

The course costs £90.00 runs for a total of six hours - two hours mid-morning on Saturday and Sunday and two hours in the late afternoon on Sunday.

If you have attended a Grange weekend course or a Skyros holiday in Greece then you will receive a 20% discount on the course fee.

Guest accommodation is available at The Grange. See for rates.
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