Saturday Supercar Driving Day - Lincolnshire

Saturday Lincolnshire Supercar Driving Fun at Blyton Park Driving Centre.

Drive Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, Audi R8, Aston Martin, Lotus, Jaguar F-Type R AWD, BMW i8 and many more cars, in a safe open environment with full briefings and instructors. Be advised we often add new supercars and upgrade our fleet so so the range may have grown (or changed) on the day.

Drivers attending choose one of several time slots throughout the day. (If you haven’t yet booked on, scroll down for info on how to take part)

Remember to click "GOING" and/or "SHARE" so your friends will know you are about to have some serious supercar fun. You never know, some of your friends may want to come along and watch (it costs nothing) or even join in or take a passenger lap. They really are splendid days out.

WANT TO TAKE PART? : If you havent got an experience or or received a gift voucher just visit

Have fun clicking around (& watching the videos). The range is extraordinary from passenger laps to driving 6 miles in 10 different supercars.

Admission is Free although the driving experiences are of course paid for.

We offer a "no silly frills" price promise, making these experiences available at the very best prices possible. They wont go up or down. What we can guarantee is a fantastic day out in real, well maintained, supercars, a day out you will love. Once you’ve chosen a driving experience

Select BLYTON PARK in the VENUE drop down
Select 02/06/18 in the DATE Drop Down
Select Your Preferred Time Slot
Select How many people. (Not everyone coming with you has to enjoy the same supercar experience, you can select different ones)
Add the participants names, if under 18, if they have licence and if they want the optional insurance waiver. Add to basket and proceed to checkout (unless you want to purchase additional experiences). You'll receive a confirmation email and everything you need to sign in at the circuit and have the time of your life.

You lucky thing :-) ... Now just visit
and book onto the date.

Please note, even though we have a wide range of cars, the selection of cars you can choose from will be determined from your voucher.

These are great days out for groups of friends. So don’t forget to select ‘Going’ in the box above to let your friends know you are about to take on some real supercar fun. You never know, some may want to come with you and watch, have a hot lap or even drive.

Cool... Here are some helpful pointers to prepare for your Supercar Driving Day. If you have used a voucher to make the booking, please bring it with you on the day and present it when you sign in. Please arrive 15 minutes before your session. When you arrive you must need to sign in, choose your car(s), take the safety briefing. Then possibly take an optional sighting lap of the track or course. Then the experiences start.

Waiting Time : When ready, drivers are called one by one to the car for their driving experience. Of course we want your wait to be as comfortable as possible, so unlike other supercar experience companies, we don’t make our customers stand in a line (for up to an hour), but instead we let you wait with your friends and family and then call you.

What to Wear : As the temperature and weather can change throughout the day, please use your own best judgement as to what to bring with you. We want our customers to be comfortable during their experience. If you are going to drive a supercar, please wear or bring flat shoes to wear during the drive.. This will make the world of difference.

After the experience you may want to purchase a photo of yourself driving the supercar. We advise our customers please allow two hours for the whole experience.

Originally a World War II RAF station, Blyton Park has been modified since 2011 to now be an amazing race track with technical corners and features and largely tarmac run-off areas. We have cones laid out to guide you through the best lines of this amazing race track.
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