Unity Partner Yoga™ Workshop

Unity Partner Yoga™ is the poetic movement of two or more people dancing through yoga asana together.

Unity Partner Yoga™ is a deep, restorative, playful and sacred practice of Yoga. Appropriate for all ranges of experience, and all relationships from friends to partners, and children to pregnant women. It can awaken an inner oasis of deep peace, where we relate with another, and with our-self, through truth, trust and tenderness. Through joint- back/forward bends, spirals, inversions and balances, we can gain more strength, balance, endurance, elasticity and fluidity. By allowing another person to guide us deeper into our individual possibilities, we often reach new realms of openness and softness. We can learn so much by assisting our partner.

“Partner Yoga is widely inclusive, stimulating serenity and smiles in a room full of strangers, connecting people in a unique, fun and deeply sacred way”-Sevanti, Director and Founder of the Unity Centre in Brighton (since 1995), established Unity Partner Yoga in 2002

Unity Partner Yoga™ Workshops

These two-hour workshops include a Unity Yoga warm-up, Unity Partner Yoga™, occassionally partner massage and Yoga Nidra (a deep relaxation). Unity also offer offer half-day workshops throughout the year. These workshops offer people of all yoga abilities the chance to have a restorative and rejuvenating taster of partner yoga.
This workshop will be ran by Unity Partner Yoga founder, Sevanti.


£30 per person (Prices can vary depending on the legth of the workshop or venue)

How to book

Booking is essential. Please contact Louise at unityschool130@gmail.com to book your place. Payment will be required in advance.
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