Wilfred Owen 100 Years Later

On the centenary of the day Wilfred Owen left Edinburgh after a transformative stay in the capital, the SPL is staging a panel discussion on Owen's legacy. And what is his legacy? Did Owen's poetry change the way the British saw war forever? Or has it in fact distorted the public's memory of WW1? Why is it Owen that enjoys the reputation of the pre-eminent war poet and not another, such as Sassoon, Gurney, Graves, and so on. The discussion will also look at the legacy of the groundbreaking treatment Owen received at Craiglockhart and its legacy.

Panelists include Trevor Royle and Neil McLennan.

Trevor Royle is a broadcaster and author specialising in the history of war and empire. He is Associate Editor of the Sunday Herald and a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Trevor's books include The Flowers of the Forest: Scotland and the First World War and A Time of Tyrants: Scotland and the Second World War.

Neil McLennan is a senior lecturer at the University of Aberdeen. The chair of Wilfred Owen's Edinburgh 1917-2017, he is writing a book on Owen's time in Edinburgh in 1917; his detective work revealed that Owen, Sassoon and Robert Graves met at Baberton golf club in 1917. McLennan has held a number of key roles in supporting change and improvement in education.

The discussion will be chaired by the SPL's Colin Waters.
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