Yadda Yadda People's Club - Every Friday

The Yadda Yadda People's Club is the essential social gathering to attend each & every Friday where you can expect good food & great vibes for the after work/early weekend revellers.

You can enjoy the fruits of our Yadda Yadda food menu along with a complimentray beer, wine or cocktail with any Flatz Kebab ordered!

Musical entertainment comes from a specially selected selection of selectors DJ who will each offer something a little different from the norm, delivering sounds such as world music, middle eastern, afro, reggae, 1930’s swing, soul and much more.

November's musical machines will be:

3rd - Danny Ward aka Moodymanc
10th - Art Badivuku aka Hammam Blue
17th - Dave Fowell aka Lord Chester
24th - Magic Island
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