Yoga for Teens

Fridays at 4.45 - 5.45pm
3rd November - 15th December
7 weeks, £36
(7th Class is Free for Christmas)
with Martina Elter

For ages 11+

Stressed? Anxious? Bored? Angry? Think there is something missing in your life?
This course may come up at the perfect moment in your life. Yoga for teens offers a break from any worries, the pressure to perform and from lots of sitting. Through movement and relaxation exercises you learn the balancing effect of yoga and can just enjoy to be yourself. Teenage years are a time of change. Yoga is nurturing the love and respect of one’s body and enhances a good self-esteem
rather than being dependant on the approval of others. Yoga can help master challenges at school and at home with patience and humour and to develop a healthy attitude to deal with pressure.

Here is what previous students said when asked if Yoga made a difference for them:

“I feel so much more relaxed and sleep definitely better on the day’s I done Yoga” (Charlotte, 18)

“That I am more relaxed and more confident.” (Ella, 15). “It makes me feeling very relaxed” (Evie, 12)

“It reminds me to become more mindful with myself and my friends, just feel happier” (Nicky, 18)
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