The Good Earth

Art Gallery 4 St Pancras Way, St Pancras Hospital, London, United Kingdom View on Facebook
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AMANDA TAYLOR is a printmaker inspired by land and seascapes with recent work including a solar plate etching of a fossil preserved in rock from Lyme Regis. Prints emphasise colour and textures of natural organic forms from above and below
the earth.

MICHAEL CONNELL uses blocks of polystyrene to create sculptural monuments resembling tangled roots beneath giant trees. The sculptures are some of the biggest to be displayed in the gallery and are visceral examples of recycled objects reflecting our Life on Earth.

PETER HERBERT uses photography to create visual essays on the beauty of land and water which contrast the ability of both to create and destroy. The display includes aerial images taken over Australian coastlines.

TIM BRADFORD's landscape paintings are inspired by zones, borders and hidden boundaries that result in a new sense of place created out of ancient landscapes in the West of Ireland, Lincolnshire and North London.
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