The Judge's Lodging

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Visit us and you will be in for a treat, for this award-winning historic judge’s accommodation and court offers a most unusual journey back in time. Wander through the judge’s private apartments and make yourself at home, for The Judge’s Lodging is an historic house with a difference – you can touch! You can lie on the beds, read the judge’s books and even pump water in the kitchen. Below stairs there is the full range of servants’ rooms to explore, with kitchens, sleeping quarters and workrooms; a whole gaslit world to discover. The tour is finished by a trip to the vast echoing courtroom, where you are haunted by the echoes of trials long since concluded. You are guided through this Victorian world by an eavesdropping’ audiotour featuring the voice of actor Robert Hardy.

If you have children to entertain, you don’t have to worry about being told off every time they move, because the building is family-friendly. They have their own activities and guidebook to help them explore … and 2011 is a perfect time for them to experience all this as the museum has just made its admission for children even cheaper!

Oh, and although our listed Opening Hours show that we are closed on Mondays, we make an exception for Bank Holiday Mondays, so if you are having a break during one of the long weekends please call in to see us!
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