4th Annual Celebration of Reconciliation (Skunk Run & Fun!)

People of all cultures, colors, and backgrounds unite as one race, the human race. Help us redefine history in the very community that was witness to the worst racially charged massacre in the nations history, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Hate destroyed the most affluent community of people of color in the history of the United States, but we are not letting the story end there. Be a part of the change, let's write history now! We are commemorating the beautiful spirit of the Greenwood district, which was destroyed by Tulsa’s horrific 1921 racial massacre. Trotting this historic course together symbolizes our promise to each other to move forward as a city united. At the finish line (Guthrie Green) we' ll have the Jr. Skunk Olympics (soccer, tug of war, etc) for the kids, food trucks, vendors, social justice organizations, prizes, guest speakers, and more. Previous speakers have included University of Tulsa historians, Tulsa Police Officers, and state and local leaders.
Be a part of history and show the world how reconciliation happens!"Together We Will Change The World" "It Takes Us All!"
Updates to come!
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