5 Day Trainers Clinic

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Josh specializes in taking a horse and rider team to their top level of performance, through understanding the use and engagement of the horse’s body. Not only will you achieve your riding and performance goals, but you will also possess new skills to take home where you can continue your training on your own.

The amount of knowledge you will have at your disposal is literally bottomless! When you participate in a 5 Day Clinic, you and your equine-partner will not only work hard, but you will also laugh and learn while sharing the challenges of other clinic participants.

No one participates in a Lyons Legacy clinic to compare each other, so don’t feel you are not ready to train in a clinic! Lyons Legacy clinics are designed to be safe, motivating and effective.

Josh with studentRider Level: Intermediate- Advanced
This clinic is intended for riders actively riding and training their horse.
You don’t have to be a professional rider/trainer to participate, but our goal is to build on a solid foundation and horsemanship skills.

A 5 Day Clinic gives you and your horse enough time to make giant strides in horsemanship control. Josh breaks the lessons down into workable, easy to follow steps, teaching you a safe and humane way to gain your horse’s respect while reaching your riding goals.

Horse Level: Broke – Advanced
Bring your horse with a solid foundation! A well-started horse allows for focus on performance, and will be able to accept more advanced maneuvers. When you enroll in a 5 Day Clinic, expect to see the maximum amount of change from you and your horse! Each clinic day offers you both the time necessary to participate in numerous training phases. During a 5 Day clinic, your horse will learn how to learn – this process takes time.
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Topics Covered

You and your horse will have access to the information and lessons you need to reach your next level, no matter what your current abilities may be.
Speed Control
Shoulder & Hip Cues
Lead Departures & Frame
Improving Stops & Backup-Ups
Improving Your Seat & Hands
Plus Much More!
The Josh Lyons Performance Series DVD’s can offer insight to the principles and lessons covered during a clinic. However, don’t feel discouraged from participating if your horse isn’t as far along as Josh’s horses are on the video!
Call our office: (970) 309-8838 to learn more or enroll in a Josh Lyons Clinic today!
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