600-yard F-Class Rifle Match

There are four rifle classes. Tactical, Varmint, FT/R, F-Open. All may be shot from the bench or in the prone. $25.00 for first gun and second gun is $15.00. Youth is $10.00. We are thinking about combining varmint & tactical if there are less than 5 shooters in one of the classes. Varmint ~ Bipod, Sandbag or Rest under 3" flat stock, any caliber up to 35 bench or prone. Tactical ~ Bipod or Sandbag under 3" tactical style stock magazine fed. Any caliber up to 35, bench or prone. F Open ~ Bipod or Rest any caliber up to 35 bench or prone. F- TR Bipod Only 223 or 308 bench or prone
hope this helps.
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