70:70 Reception event

October 9, 2017
As Inland Empire Life & San Bernardino Local, we would like to thank our sponsors and the amount of support we’ve had for our 70:70 Reception Event. Due to overlapping events in the region, and local business wanting to become more involved, we have decided to postpone the celebration until 2018, wherein we will launch a grander event. Ray Anderson, and those signed up to ride, will still be riding October 14th; if you would like to ride with Ray you still can by registering here:
( https://www.active.com/san-bernardino-ca/cycling/70-70-bike-ride-2017 ).
With the momentum of change in the air we encourage everyone to look forward to the Veteran's day parade on Mt. Vernon November 11th 11am-12 between from 14th street to 17th street with a ceremony at La Plaza park going till about 5pm. Ray Anderson will be riding in the Veteran's Day parade along with Garner Holt in a Model T buggy, please support them by attending the event in honor of Veteran's.
As the coordinators for the 70:70 Reception Event, we were able to work with the city of San Bernardino to move the event date to next year on Veteran's Day November 11th 2018. Currently, Inland Empire Life & San Bernardino Local will continue to promote the ride and event for 2018, promoting the valuable message of the ride (taking action), and the great cause behind the ride (The Salvation Army's Pathways to Prosperity program).
If you would like to support the Salvation Army cause, you can donate here: http://sanbernardino.salvationarmy.org/san_bernardino_corps/happy-birthday-ray-anderson-1/

If you would like to support the 2018 70:70 Reception Event, please contact us at PR@InlandEmpire.Life
Thank you

Website: www.InlandEmpire.Life
For information or questions, please contact:
Salvador Guerra

If you see similar good hearted movements like Ray's, please share it and use #70k70kSB or is you like to send a positive shoutout to Ray use #70k70kSB & we will make sure he gets the message. Thank you!
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