Advanced PowerDialogues

Become an Exceptional Counselor in Everyday Situations

In this fast-paced, in-depth course, designed for people who have already taken the PowerDialogues program, you will get the chance to dive in and significantly increase your Option Process® Dialogue knowledge, understanding and skill.

Becoming skilled at this process enables you to be incredibly well-equipped to help yourself and other people in your life who are facing crises such as divorce, loss of a job, illness or death of a loved one, job stress, childhood trauma, or chronic challenges such as depression, anxiety or physical illness. In fact, if you are interested in developing a career in helping others using the Option Process Dialogue, Advanced PowerDialogues is a crucial step toward this end. (See Mentor Certification Training Program). Certified Mentors, too, take this course to brush up on their skills.

With most of the classes consisting of small group clinics (each with its own teacher) where participants will practice the dialogue and get immediate real-time feedback, and pointers, this course provides a unique, high-level learning experience.

In Advanced PowerDialogues, you will have the opportunity for:

Practice & Feedback: Mentor while receiving useful, specific feedback
Attitudinal Training: Continue getting guidance in maintaining a non-judgmental, focused and caring attitude – with applications outside the Dialogue
Teacher Input: Receive a substantial amount of focused input from a teacher
High-Level Student Participation: Learn with a group of students who are New style are here motivated, excited and experienced in the Dialogue process
Tape Review: Get analysis of your recorded Dialogue session so that you can increase your skill
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