Looking for as many past ALLOWAY HALLOWEEN PARADE QUEENs as possible to join with us as we celebrate the Annual Alloway Halloween Parade's 50th Anniversary. Marie (Hitchner)Polk has graciously accepted the title of QUEEN HUNTER.
So i know we havent had the reorganization meeting yet, but in order to find as many as possible, i wanted to get this out now.
The only thing i ask for, if you know a queen, please put them in contact with Marie or share the event with them so they may accept.
If you are a queen hit the going option so that Marie can organize and keep in contact with you.
If you are not a queen, but are keeping tabs on it to see who else we need to find, please only hit interested. That way, looking at the numbers quickly, we can calculate how much we are going to need monetarily once we start planning.
Thanks so much Marie and the sooner we find as many as possible, the sooner we can get the plans laid out.
Have a great night!!
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