Assertiveness Skills for Front Desk Professionals

When you work the front desk, you’re the first to see most outsiders. And making a great impression on each visitor would be an easy job if every guest showed up on time, as planned and with a smile on his or her face. But angry, pushy, impatient or just downright intimidating people can send your usual polite, calm and confident approach out the window. You can’t let this happen. But you can’t back down either. Your organization depends on you for the best, most professional response.

Assertiveness Skills for Front Desk Professionals is a new one-hour Webinar just for you. Explore the best ways to respond respectfully, but firmly … to anyone. Become a friendly enforcer, handling it all with a smile. Listen fearlessly. Learn to speak so others listen. Find out how to best defuse difficult situations without being confrontational. Don’t let the difficult people you encounter ruffle your feathers or drain your energy. Enroll now!
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