AstroNite, UM Flint

Seven Ponds Astronomy Club will be partnering with UM Flint and Longway Planetarium on their AstroNite public program featuring a visit by shuttle astronaut Story Musgrave.. This is a free, family-oriented event that includes a variety of activities for kids and adults. The club will be providing and manning telescopes atop the Mill St parking structure for public viewing of the night sky. Longway Planetarium will be providing their portable planetarium at UM-Flint. Come out with your family and enjoy this free event. Check back here, our club website, or the AstroNite page for late changing info.
Astro Nite takes place at the UM-Flint campus, Murchie Science Building, and atop the Mill St parking structure.
The AstroNite Facebook is below:
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