BFF artist showcase: Amanda Caillau

Join us for another fun filled evening in Benson! Our November Benson First Friday featured artist is Amanda Caillau.

Amanda Caillau is an artist living and working in Omaha. She received her BFA from UNO where she studied printmaking and painting. She is fascinated by the science and exploration art possesses as well as the cathartic creative release it provides.

Her most recent series, Feminist Agenda is an evocative visual representation of intersectional feminism today. Intersectional feminism is the belief that social issues and patterns of oppression are closely linked. Therefore, the systems of oppression must be addressed and broken down.

Each of the portraits in this series capture the essence of individuals who proudly identify as feminists and are champions of intersectionality. Caillau was mindful in the selection of these participants and chose feminist that she has been supported, challenged, educated and motivated by.

Each piece captures the essence of the individual. Color was utilized to communicate aspects of each figures personality or character. Household products traditionally associated with women and domesticity (bleach, rubbing alcohol and ink) were utilized to create the background of each portrait. The expressive blending, bleeding and splattered ink washes in the background serve as visual representations of the messy yet beautifully exciting intensity of living as a feminist in today's society. While in contrast to the naturalistic painting style of the figures, the deeply saturated ink washes set the aesthetic tone for the pieces. Layering is also utilized to convey the complex and depth of the feminism as it has grown and transformed from its inception. All of the canvases were mindfully selected in the same size to convey the equity intersectional feminism aims to achieve. There is a strong sense of optimism and strength communicated through facial expressions and gestures of the figures which reflects the resilience and hope each figure possesses.

You can check out more of Amanda’s artwork here:

Not only will we have our featured artist in house, but the lovely folks over at BFF have resurrected the Omaha Zombie Walk from the dead! Check out their page for more details.

So stop on out! Shop, chat, have a glass of wine on us, and peep some great artwork and a few zombies. Sounds like a pretty solid night!
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