CanSURVIVE Supported by Sorenson Legacy & Falls Event Center

Needs Beyond Medicine is proud to present the ninth annual fundraiser, canSURVIVE, photo gallery stroll. The event is a photo gallery stroll that features portraits of Utah-area cancer survivors. Displayed next to each survivor’s portrait is their own story on how they survived this deadly disease. Participants in previous years have told their stories, given words of advice to the public or simply stated quotes that helped them through their journey. It is an evening of celebration for cancer survivors; along with educational aspect as the attendees are able to learn more about the various types of cancers.
During the event there is the photo gallery stroll, silent auction, raffle items, educational materials and a program. Said program consists of cancer survivors which were showcased to speak on their journey. canSURVIVE is made possible by the generous sponsors which help cover costs, volunteers for the event and the people in attendance.

Location: The Falls Salt Lake City at Trolley Square.
Gallery Stroll: 5:00-9:30 pm
Speakers: 7:30- 8:30 pm

All of the proceeds raised throughout the event will support Needs Beyond Medicine's Relief Program, which gives financial assistance to cancer patients going through treatment to help pay for non-medical related bills. To date the Relief Program has assisted over 1,000 cancer patients.
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